Coming soon from Atmosphere Press

The White Birch Hotel in the city of Tuffty Town teems with poorly kept secrets: detectives tapping lobby phones for news of banished royals; nervous lovers hiding traces of their trysts from prying eyes; captains of finance hatching plans in the thick haze of the smoking bar.

We find among this clamour Henry Huvvy: bon vivant, boulevardier, and mainstay of milieus both refined and ragtag. But when the lure of unattainable love drives him to build, with questionable tactics, a new empire of opulence, the fate of an erstwhile princess is set against his own. 

White Birch introduces a vividly rendered cast of characters into a world at once familiar and delightfully uncanny.

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookshop and Indiebound.

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