“He awoke from a dream of owls…”

Character-graph available for download

Download a beautiful and handy White Birch “character-graph” in hi-res PNG format, and keep tabs on all the vividly rendered characters and settings in the uncanny White Birch universe!

Save the date!

White Birch will be officially released by Atmosphere Press on December 15th – just in time for the holidays. More to come.

Coming soon from Atmosphere Press

The White Birch Hotel in the city of Tuffty Town teems with poorly kept secrets: detectives tapping lobby phones for news of banished royals; nervous lovers hiding traces of their trysts from prying eyes; captains of finance hatching plans in the thick haze of the smoking bar. We find among this clamour Henry Huvvy: bon vivant, boulevardier, and mainstay…

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